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    Project Overview:

    This is a 25 year scheme for Berkeley Homes who are providing thousands a new homes, and our works consisted of 2,500lm of concrete and clay drainage to “ The Straight” along with all lateral connections to 104nr gullies. The
    scheme also included 50nr manholes sized between 1.5m and 2.4m in diameter. We were also instructed to supply and lay new service ducts within the footpath demise to allow for new services to be installed by various statutory authorities. New granite kerbs, installation of new sub-base and block paving finished off the scheme, both on time within our 26 week period and to a high standard of quality, thus exceeding our clients expectations.

    Project Challenges & Solutions:

    This project had a number of different challenges including logistics, a high water table and various obstructions found during the excavation process.
    Deliveries / Collections / Site visits had to be booked in 48 hours in advance, thus meaning our team had to work strictly in accordance with the agreed programme so that we met our goals. They high water table resulted in constant over pumping of excess water, thus slightly impacting the programme. As we knew this would be a problem, we ensured we carried out excavations in a timely manner prior to the scheduled dates for laying pipes and backfilling. Any obstructions found whilst excavating were reported to te client for a decision to be made as to either remove the obstructions of re-route the drainage run. The constant liaison between the main contractor and client ensured our progamme was not impacted further.

     Location:  Brent Road, Southall
     Client  Berkeley Homes
     Main Contractor  Walker Construction (UK) Ltd
     Value  £750,000
     Programme  26 Weeks
     Scope  Works consisted of
     2,000lm of Storm Water Drainage
     500lm of Foul Water Drainage
     50nr new manholes
     104nr gullies
     Laying of new services ducts
     within footpath demise
     Granite Kerbs
     Block Paving